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Hi Fi Tone Removal Notice:
Our shop moved to Kwun Tong, and as we needed to take care of HK & Mainland China business, we may stay in HK/mainland occasionally. So that our loyal customer like yours, please contact us before visit.

New Shop address :
Room F, 12/F., Phase 4, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre,
436-446 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: 23844301 / 94559865



New Products

UDS-5 Series - the built-in hard drive rack + Blu-ray drive platform
UDS-5/WM8741 DAC    
UDS-5/ES9018 DAC    

In the UDS-3 Series, based on the following additional features
Support CD Ripper / ripping
Supports 3TB internal hard drive

Optional accessories
1) HDMI 4 * 1 module
2) analog input module

Silver or Black


JAS Plato


from Norway... [Review]


JAS Audio T Box

digital amplifier


 Performance !

3/2011 Aurum Cantus V7F Floor stand speaker

 [Review] [Info]



JAS Micro 3.5" mini Coaxial speakers [Info]

It produces high-end and very focus sound. Best sound in the market for the size. Ideal for AV multi channels and computer CAS sound systems. 3 colors available.


 JAS Bravo 2.4SE [Info]

Extremely high C/P ratio vaccum tube integrated amplifier(KT-88). All components are in best quality and selectively choosen.

Welcome to come to our shops to listen!


 JAS Magnetic Floating Platform [Info]

The most effective solution for vibration isolation and sound improvement.

See the demo in our shops!


 Review of Aurum Cantus V2M [Review]  [Info]

"..The Aurum Cantus V2M did one very impressive thing that no other speaker I've reviewed has. Its sound was so realistic, detailed, and coherent that, with every recording I tried, the music grabbed me and forced me to focus on it.." by Stereophile 2009



 2/2011   Review of Ming Da MD-6 Passive Preamp. The Tube World Monthly 2011 Feb [Review] 










 Meerkat A34 SET

 Meerkat A66PP

 Meerkat A6P1 PP Tower

 Meerkat A6V6 SET










 MC368-B 902












speakers , amplifiers , cables ,  hi fi racks ...... 


Demo unit clearance in Hi Fi Tone Kowloon Bay, for details please call 852-23844301.

















  JAS HA3000/2000/1000 AC Automatic Power Regulator




  New Bravo micro 3.5" , 2 - way coaxial speakers



 New aluminium AC Voltage LED Display Block

& new aluminium wall outlet



JAS AUDIO proudly announce launch of a whole new series of budget price Bravo Mini Monitor speakers. All models are sitting in our showroom. Please come by and spend some time with them.



The brand new model TW-D1000 Power Filter Plant developed by G&W arrivers in our showroom lately.

The product is high commended as best buy?and was given a 5-star rating in review published by eZONE?




We proudly present JUNGSON Ribbon Super Tweeters in our showroom for audition. Please contact us for further details on their effectiveness in enhancing your hi-fi system. 





We are proudly announced Elite's "Performance"series of speakers.

Please contact us for further details.




Special and natural silk materials with gap that has different depths for an ideal diffusion and tuning.









JAS Audio is proudly launched all new best buy Bravo tube amp series and is now available at Hi Fi Tone. Please visit our MongKok Showroom for audition !



Demo unit clearance in Hi Fi Tone Mongkok, for details please call 852-23844301.


 Hi Fi tone becomes the dealer for


 Aurum Cantus V2M and V3M is available


 (Removal Notice)

Hi Fi Tone Mongkok Flagship Show room will move to following address in early September 2006 :


Rm. 1621-1622, Park-In Comm. Ctr., 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Kowloon.


(Showroom Tel) : 852-2384 4321


(Office Fax) : 852-2384 4220


 Hi Fi tone becomes the dealer for













Hi Fi Tone Classical music concert .

 Ever try a home entertainment system with a humongous 120" screen? Come to Hi Fi Tone Central shop for a mind blowing experience!





Hi Fi Tone -Shanghai Branch (2005), Contact details pls move to "Contact Us" in this site.




 Hi Fi Tone Central Shop Grand Open





Hi Fi Tone proudly announce opening of our overseas offices and showrooms on the west coast, US. All Hi Fi fans are most welcome to visit our showrooms for audition and exchange of ideas. Those who are

interested in setting up/contemplating expansion of their Hi Fi business are also cordially invited to

join our partnership programs as business partners or distributors in the US. Please click “contact us”

icon for details of contact address and telephone numbers.



 Silicon Valley Showroom :




 Los Angeles. Showroom :



Attention please! Recently its been discovered that there are some Audio shops in Hong Kong selling the China version Huayun CD-1.6 with the "Huayun" gold metal plate on to camouflage the genuine Huayun CD-1.6 SE. The fact is, "Hi Fi Tone" is the one and only sole distributor of Huayun product in Hong Kong, Huayun CD-1.6 SE is only for export out of China and is supplied only to Hi Fi Tone, Hi Fi Tone is the only channel to buy the Huayun CD-1.6 SE. Hi Fi Tone and Huayun electronic company ltd. remains the right for legal action. 





Something very important to YOU !!!!

Please note that there is no other Hong Kong Distributor of Aurum Cantus except Hi Fi Tone. By the way, there is no other shops in Hong Kong or China carrying the Leisure II Deluxe Export Version. In China, shops are only carrying Leisure II Deluxe Version, but not the export version. The bass unit of the Export Version is Dark Grey in colour, each crossover is using 2 M-Cap German capacitor. The bass unit of Leisure II deluxe (not the export version) is black in colour without M-Cap inside the crossover. For details, please call on us at 852-23844321 or send email to us enquiry@hi-fi-tone.com or visit our shop at our business hours. Thank you for your kind attention !



 "Hi-End Audio Show 2004" , 20-22 August , 2004 .  Room  D 07

 06/2004  Hi Fi Tone  , one year old , anniversary sale .
 10/9/03  Audio Accessory , report on Aruum Cantus Leisure II Deluxe Export Version .



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The sound of music penetrates to the boundless horizon

In the name of Hi Fi Tone sweeping across the oceans

The chorus reverberates rhythmically in jazzy movements

Ascending music beat captures the hearts into one

(Translation of a contemporary Chinese poem)


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