Acclaimed as having a vivid tone color, high definition and dynamics in sound amplification, Bravo 1.1 is designed to meet the highest quality standards in design and manufacturing. It is fitted with two sets of chokes and nine vacuum tubes, including four 12AX7 tubes, four 12AT7 tubes and a 5Z4P rectifier. Bravo 1.1 also features a phono stage with MM cartridge playback of LPs in addition to the line stage stereo inputs. Bravo 1.1 is indispensable for audiophile who owns LPs as well as CDs and other source media. It is a design in coherence with simplicity and durability.


Bravo 1.1 is supplied with a remote control.


* MC cartridge phono stage optional for custom order, please consult our authorised dealers.



Total Harmonic Distortion: <=0.035% ( out 2V )

S/N ratio : 91dB

Max Output : 50V

Frequency Response: 10Hz-40KHz (-1dB )

Input Impedance: 47Kohm

Vacuum TubesG 12AX7 x 4;12AT7 x 4; 5Z4P x 1

Static Power Consumption: <=50W

Net Weight: 12Kgs

Dimensions: power supply 100 x 160 x 230mm ( w x h x d )

                          amplifier 340 x 105 x 235mm (w x h x d )


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