Bravo Tube Fantasy Music Station is a compact valve amplifier designed with tubes sitting on an upright-standing chassis for efficient heat dissipation. Acrylic chassis is of 7.5 cm in width makes Fantasy Music Station an ideal choice for any mini setup in a moderate size of room space. Choices of chasses colours in blue, red, black and white are available. Continuous improvement in design helps attain an unprecedented performance that one would never anticipate out of this compact in size and a low-to-moderate power output of 15W mini valve amplifier. Features an input jack for MP3 players on the front plate, plug in of sound source to this jack disconnects signals to RCA jacks automatically





Rated Output : 15W X 2


Total Harmonic Distortion: <=1% ( 3W )


S/N ratio : 85dB


Frequency Response: 11Hz-50KHz (-3dB 8W)


Input Sensitivity: 0. 95V for 15W


Input Impedance: 47Kohm


Vacuum Tubes: 6N2 x 1; 6N1 x 1; 6P1 x 4


Static Power Consumption: ≦50W


Speaker Impedance: 8ohm


Amplifier Dimensions: 75 W x 215 H x 350 D


Net Weight: 6Kgs


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