MeiXing Electronics Factory is major in the vacuum tube stereo power amplifier , which is located in the NanHai city owned a workhouse over 1300 square meter , with five plant ,they are box ,seal and transformer circling debugging & check , we also have the machine process ,such as milling machine punchdrill press electric welding matrix incision machine, and radio tube test machine .we have realize the product line manufacture, the monthly whole output is over 200 sets .


Since we was established in 1991 ,our product is mainly selling to the abroad markets ,as a processor to some famous brand till 1998 , we have adjusted the business strategy and facing the national markets , setting our own brand and amplifier .In order to strive for the markets share , we also aggrandizement the bowel management ,consummating the technology development ,quality testing ,marketing , and after sales service , which has enhance the work efficiency and compete ability .


Our vacuum tube stereo amplifier ,inside instruction adopted the canopy tapping pure handle jointing ,with canonical arrange line ,equality welding .The material which we have used ,is all passed the rigorous test and filtrate .In our experts hard work , we have researched a super frequency output transformer , with high power and little noise, which offering the smoothly sound and timber clearly In the multi-kinds of clients 's command, we also have offer over 20 sets of style , such as magnify in front, rear A band magnify , rear magnify 845300BKT886550EL34EL84 , etc.


In order to enlarge the markets we have set a low price level , so that there are more clients could enjoy the dulcet music .


All of our product has passed the ISO9001 quality standards .

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