Specification & Features:


Output Power 12W2 

Voltage AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz 

Sensitivity 200mv 

Volume 32L30W16H(cm) 

Distortion Factor ≤0.8% 

Signal-to-Noises 89dB 

Inputs 4 Groups

Outputs 2 Groups

Vacuum Tubes EL844 12AX72 6E2 2

Frequency 20Hz-55KHz 1dB 

Size of outer carton L43.5 x W39 x H33.5(cm) 

gross weight: 11.5kg


Should be used 50 100W speakers with sensitivity over 88dB


The Features of Multifunction

Suitable for connecting to CD player that enjoying hi-fi rhythmical line of pure hand-made integrated   amplifier.

Suitable for any IPOD that enjoying your favorite music.

  MC84-C is equipped IPOD remote control and IPOD base slot for easy using.

MC84-C is equipped 1-to-2 audio source cable for all kinds of MP3 signal, connecting to input   terminals to download music.

MC84-C is equipped standard PC USB cable for playing your PC music directly through the USB interface   of back panel

Suitable for headphone that enjoying effective musical of pure tubes hi-fi integrated amplifier.

MC84-C is equipped aluminum alloys remote control, IPOD base slot remote control, PC USB cable and   all kinds of MP3 cables are represented our personalized service.

The produce and design of MC84-C appearance are up-to-date, stylish, scientific and carefully, The   inside is pure hand made wired circuit, adopted quality electronic components.

  MC84-C is price-performance ratio and convenient hi-fi equipment for consumers


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