Zion S3 signal cable


Zion S3 signal cable (RCA/XLR available) is composed of six individual conductors.  Teflon is used as dielectric around each conductor.  Each individual conductor is made up of 30 strands of 0.002mm 6N (99.99997% purity) continuous cast silver.  Three groups of two conductors are separately shielded and twisted together with similar single ended shielding design as the S1.  The plugs are the highly acclaimed platinum-plated on silver RCA plugs or Neutrik Gold XLR plugs.  S3 is the ultimate signal cable in the S family class.  It is an instant upgrade from S2 with the deepest and widest soundstage.  The overall performance of this cable offers one of the widest bandwidth and frequency range of any analog cable on the market, allowing your playback system to sound as good as the original master.

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