The ultimate equipment support ? The JAS Magnetic Isolation Platform simply floats your equipment in air ! This is achieved by 8 opposing magnets , 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom so the top part of the support simply "  floats " above the base of the support . Made from very attractive acrylic it is very light and elegant to view . It will support equipment up to 25kgs in weight without a problem . No pumps , no inner tubes to pump up , just simply fit and forget . Featuring a bubble level at the top platform , with adjustable magnets and spikes at the 4 corners of the bottom platform , you can maintain absolute level of your equipment at all time . It is also maintenance free making this support the best available today .


The Magnetic Isolation Platform has been designed to work as an antivibration base within a prescribed range of applicable loads , from 2 kgs ( 4 lbs ) till 25 kgs ( 50 lbs ) , and , according to the manufacturer , any audio or video appliance can benefit from the antivibration effect of the base ( CD & DVD players , amplifiers , preamps , VCR's etc .) .


Aesthetically , the JAS Magnetic Isolation Platform looks cool and it certainly has that kind of magic that may attract more than an audiophile .


Comments from audiophiles using this platform , the sound became cleaner , with plenty of detail and harmonics and even the 3D virtual soundstage became way wider , more focused and realistic . Thumbs up .


The JAS Magnetic Isolation Platform should be every audiophile's secret dream : a full floating suspension for HiFi components .


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